headspace workforce

Thousands of people work at headspace, either at headspace National Office supporting our network of services across Australia, or in one of our four clinical programs:

Staff are located at headspace National Office in Melbourne or in our centres located across Australia. 

Most employees work in our clinical programs and to get a better idea about who they are, and how they find working at headspace, we invited them to provide feedback.  This is what we learned:

The headspace workforce is diverse.  It is made up of professionals that come from a wide range of occupational groups, and bring many different skills, experiences, and backgrounds.  At headspace we value this diversity, and are always looking to broaden the range of staff who choose to work with us.



At headspace we recognise that people do their best work when they believe in the work they’re doing, find it interesting and challenging, and feel supported while they’re doing it.  Both at a national and local level, we work hard to provide rewarding, supportive, and inclusive workplaces, where staff feel part of a team, delivering high quality services to young people in their community.



Download more information about the survey and how the data was collected (PDF 87kb)

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