domina talks about getting in a healthy headspace

31 Aug 2018

I experienced mental health issues at a young age and it was amplified from trauma I faced in my late teens. I realised I needed help and started reaching out with the support of my school and friends at the peak of when thing were tough. After getting help from the school counsellor, I was initially very hesitant to seek help from outside of them – it suddenly made it all too real and serious, and really felt like something was wrong with me.

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My mental health issues were affecting my school life and my grades, which is why my incredible school referred me to headspace. I was going there during my free periods and seeking help with a clinician, they thought it would be better for me to be seen by another organisation for my trauma related issues at that time. I would later go to back headspace and see them for two or three more years to continue the recovery process.

headspace has supported me when I sought help from clinicians and also through group therapy. All options that were the best for me at the time have helped me through this recovery process. I am also part of the headspace Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), where we participate in creating community awareness events, co-facilitate programs, give vital feedback and initiate ideas to the centres to make them more youth friendly.

If I could tell my younger self something when I was going through a tough time, it would be that you’re doing just fine and you will always be doing just fine. Nothing was ever wrong with me and getting help reassured that, and it was the best decision I ever made.

To help take care of my mental health and wellbeing my self-care regime consists of nice smelling bath products, cups of tea, books, a music playlist and the sun outdoors.

Thanks for reading,

Domina, 20

Published 3 October 2017