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A lot of things go unsaid between young people and their parents, especially when it comes to mental health. Our Fathers Campaign aims to open up conversations between parents and young people, particularly fathers and sons, to help identify mental health

There is no single explanation for why some young people experience difficulties with their mental health. Often mental health issues result from a combination of factors. Some factors may be internal, like having a family history of mental health issues or a personality type that tends towards negativity, perfectionism or self-doubt. Other factors are external, like a relationship break-up or school and exam related pressures.

It’s important to remember that just because a young person is going through a tough time, it doesn’t mean they will develop mental health issues. A supportive family can make a big difference to how well a young person copes with these kinds of events.

To learn about the warning signs, tips on how to start a conversation about mental health and advice on how to respond and support a young person, click here to find out more