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The headspace Career Mentoring Program is an opportunity to align your business with one of Australia’s most trusted charities and engage your employees in a meaningful and impactful volunteering experience.

The headspace Career Mentoring Program pairs industry mentors to work online alongside young people as they navigate their early career to engage and thrive in the world of work. Through the mentoring relationship your staff will have the opportunity to become positive role models and make a real impact on the lives of young Australians. Mentors receive bespoke training to equip them in their role and build their mental health literacy. We build their capacity through dedicated resources, upskilling opportunities, and our mentoring team's support throughout the journey. Digital delivery makes participation easy for volunteer mentors and young people – no matter where they are.

Through this fee for service program, we have seen excellent results, for both mentors and mentees:

  • 96% of mentees participating in the service feel more confident about their work future than before they started in the service
  • 92% feel more optimistic about their work future than before they started in the service
  • 88% of mentees participating have a better understanding of potential career pathways
  • 100% of mentors gained new skills and knowledge by participating in the service
  • 98% of mentors increased their professional satisfaction
  • 81% of mentors apply the new skills and knowledge in their day-to-day work

We also know that a mentally healthy workplace is good for employees and for workplaces too, with research suggesting that every dollar invested in mental health strategies can generate $2.30 in benefits[1].

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To become a headspace Career Mentoring Program Supporter, contact us at or 03 9278 0329
Mentoring through the headspace program continues to be one of the most fulfilling things I do, and I have loved developing a strong relationship with my mentee. I am so proud and happy to provide support to young people.
About headspace Career Mentoring

The need

1 in 4 young people that access headspace services are disconnected from work or study.

We know that engaging in work or study can have a positive effect on mental health. Work provides connection, routine, and optimism for the future.

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected young people’s employment and certainty over their futures, our mentoring program is now more important than ever.

By partnering with headspace to mentor young Australians, we can reduce stigma and create more inclusive and supportive workplaces.

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“Just the idea of having someone that I can work with to plan for the future has immediately made me feel a lot less stressed and anxious about my transition from adolescence to eventual adulthood.”
- Shumon, mentee

The mentor role

Mentors help young people expand their knowledge by providing guidance around job seeking, employer expectations, career progression, job application and interview skills. 

Mentors connect with their mentee for 1 hour per fortnight for up to 6 months – online at a time that suits

The headspace mentoring team are there to guide and support your staff and their mentee throughout their journey together.



  • Provides resources and session guides to structure the relationship

  • Trains your volunteers on mental health literacy, supportive conversations, and mentoring approaches

  • Conducts check-ins and updates throughout the relationship

  • Provides forums for mentors to connect and share learnings

  • Creates an environment for mentors to bring their own unique work and life experiences to the program

Mentoring Michael through headspace was an unforgettable experience. Not only did I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on a young person's life but I also had my perceptions challenged by Michael and was forced to reflect on my life and work experiences to help to guide him. headspace provided excellent training and supported Michael and I throughout the whole journey, making the whole experience as seamless as possible and one which I would highly recommend.

- Richard, mentor

I had just finished university and like many young students in my position, I was working out my career path and what step to take next.

Previously, I have struggled with the pressure of finding a job, managing applications alongside university and work, and dealing with the stress that accompanies receiving setbacks from applications.

I went into the program knowing that I wanted to be a better job candidate – to work on my CV, cover letter and to develop my interviewing skills. However, one of the most empowering things I got from the experience was that I felt supported. I shared my wins and losses with (my mentor) Richard and we worked together to figure out a plan and a course of action.

I think the Mentoring Program is a great initiative. I’m also a huge advocate of seeking assistance and having productive conversations to help overcome difficulty. Working through a career path and grinding through job applications can be incredibly lonely as I’ve experienced - so having someone, who’s role was to talk with me about this experience, was hugely beneficial.

- Michael, mentee

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To become a headspace Career Mentoring Program Supporter, contact us at or 03 9278 0329

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[1] PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia. (2014). “Creating a mentally healthy workplace: return on investment analysis”. Beyond Blue