Exercise Your Mind: How Sports Can Help!

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29 Nov 2018
Staying healthy and active through finding a passion

Feeling down? Feeling constantly drowsy? Do you want to break free from a constant cycle of laziness and procrastination? Finding that one “passion’’ sport may just be exactly what you need.

By discovering a sport that you can stick with and build up skills and relationships in you are inadvertently satisfying the needs of both your mind and body. Mentally, building up strong relationships with like minded individuals and focusing your mental capacity into bettering your game will both stimulate your mind and help you make new friends that share similar interests. Physically, your body will be receiving what it needs to function, which will leave you looking and feeling your best as well as increasing your life span.

Don’t know where to start? You could begin your journey by researching sports that you may have an interest in (or just looking up random sports) to see what exactly is involved and what equipment you’d need. If you already have a sport in mind, begin practicing. Practice makes perfect and YouTube may be helpful here. Can you find any local clubs for your sport of choice? This is easily the best way to get into a sport, improve your game under the guidance of a coach and make life long mates. If you’re still in school joining in on any lunch and recess games or joining any sport programs is a fantastic way of improving. There are many avenues of getting started on a life altering decision but whichever you choose is certain to improve your quality of life exponentially.

Not interested or don’t have the time to commit to a sport? Even jogging or hitting the gym once or twice a week will greatly benefit you. It’s up to you however to muster the discipline to make it a routine, or it would all be for nothing. No excuses. Once you’ve pushed through the first few days it will become a habit and a staple in a better life.

Uncovering a sport that you have a serious interest in or even just pushing yourself to go on that morning jog or gym session will greatly increase your discipline and health, both mentally and physically. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take the opportunity for yourself, right now!

Marco Oosthuizen