Meet Pav - Our CaLD Youth Worker

We have a diverse team at headspace Armadale that includes Youth Access Workers, a Community Engagement Team and a variety of part time health professionals. We'd love to introduce you to, Pavitra Aran, the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Youth worker here at our centre. Her role is made up of clinical time as a Youth Access Worker (also know as a YAW) and engagement days working with diverse local young people and community members. Pavitra started working at headspace in September 2015 and was motivated by her love for psychology and passion to support the CaLD community.

During a typical day doing Youth Access work, Pavitra’s role is meeting with young people in the assessment stage of their engagement with headspace. When asked what she enjoys about this role replied “I really enjoy being able to invite young people to a space where they can feel safe and have a chat with someone who has their best interests at heart”.

On a CaLD engagement day Pavitra can be found in the community raising awareness about mental health amongst the CaLD population in the Perth Metro area. Pavitra is an active speaker and panellist at events and is the founder of “Young Refugees of WA” which is a social media project launched in January 2016 and already has over 2000 followers. As a result of this project, she was the recipient of the 2016 Highly Commended Marketing Award from the Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI) for her Outstanding Contribution to Multiculturalism in Western Australia.

In a recent blog “Your 3AM Call”, Pavitra was asked, “Can you share some of your challenges?” to which her response was, “The biggest obstacle to my ideas and ventures becoming a reality is capital. It’d be much easier if I were in a position to be a philanthropist, and have the money at my disposal to fund ongoing projects that could help minority groups. Instead, I, and the rest of us in this industry, have to be active in applying for grants. Not only does the application take a long time, but the waiting period to find out if the application is successful or not, takes months. Additionally there is always the risk of government roles being cut and this is especially true in niche, specialised areas such as CaLD youth mental health. Simply put, it is not easy to fight for the ‘underdog’.”

In the coming months Pavitra will be hosting at event at headspace Armadale called 'Cultural Conversations' discussing the stigma of mental health amongst the CaLD population in Western Australia with local young people. This will be a headspace first event that we are looking forward to.

For more info about this event, or if you'd like to request Pavitra as a speaker at your school or event call 9393 0300 to speak to one of our Community Engagement Team.

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