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Men's Health Week - A message from Hadi

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19 Jun 2020

This week is Men’s Health Week. As a member of the National Youth Reference Group (hY NRG), I would like to take this opportunity to express what Men’s health means to me.


Men’s health is significant to me as I have had my struggles in navigating challenging times in my life. Also, culturally, men’s health is hidden, often neglected and not considered a stimulating topic in the culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Men’s health is an overlooked topic in our dominant conversations. Men’s health requires dedication, openness and mindful consideration.


However, we have now realised the importance of Men’s health. Currently, I feel men’s health is getting the attention, which is a remarkable achievement so far in our conversations. In my opinion, we are successful in achieving that milestone due to collaborative bodies and young peoples’ association with health, mental health and advocacy groups in Australia.


This event marks the symbolic era of men speaking out about their health and well-being. In my experience, young men often try to hide their struggles and often choose to convey their feelings through some other mediums. We are fortunate with the presence of the internet and the use of social media platforms. Such platforms are primary means in young men receiving information and help. A lot of these informal social supports are essentials means of survival.


Finally, I would like others to talk more about men’s health. Let’s not dedicate a week, let’s commit a whole year, where people can be allowed to talk about their health, mental health and social and emotional well-being. I want to assure all men in the country that we are in this together.


Let’s encourage more help-seeking behaviour and let’s break this taboo conversation.


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