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Ramadan 2020 - A message from our Youth Reference Group Member, Annas

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24 Apr 2020
Our Youth Reference Group Member Annas, wanted to share some of his experiences of how Ramadan might look a bit different this year. Remember, although we may be physically separated, we can still keep connected with friends and loved ones. Try connecting by video chat or phone calls with friends and family.

Muslims around the world are excitingly awaiting the sighting of the moon to begin fasting. This Ramadan will be unlike any my family and I have ever experienced. There will be no special congregational prayer or community iftars or large family iftar gatherings. Instead the focus will be our immediate family. Each household will have their own family night prayers and smaller iftar gatherings. For those without family, I hope that they will find ways to stay connected with friends.

As a Muslim youth in Australia I truly am grateful that I have been blessed to live in a country like Australia. I realised that the only real problem that I face is one of self-isolation. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by my loving family. I have enough to eat and a roof over my head. I am still able to fast, pray and connect with my Lord, perhaps this time even better than I ever have. I hope to find that silver lining this Ramadan and I hope you will too.

Ramadan Mubarak for 2020

Annas (Youth Reference Group Member)  


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