what seeking help can feel like

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06 Dec 2019
Seeking help can be hard and put a heap of weight onto your shoulders but making that step can be a huge relief

A Blog post written by Nikita (16 years old)

Life, it can be especially tricky sometimes but also so beautiful if you put yourself in the correct headspace. Seeking help will be one of the best decisions you make and seeking help doesn’t just mean finding a big company, it can also mean just finding a friend to talk to every so often. It can be tricky to find the courage to seek help for yourself or someone else. Seeking support can be tricky, most of the trickiness is found within yourself and the only reason you “cannot” find help is because you will not let yourself do so.

Denial is one of the biggest barriers to seeking help. Denial keeps you from seeking help even if you know you need it. Denial might end up putting a voice in the back of your head telling you complete nonsense that you end up believing because it is an easier or the faster solution. You begin to listen to this voice and let it dominate you so much that it over powers the good voice, all you begin to hear is the bad. These bad thoughts make you believe the lies, such as no one cares, or you don’t need help and there is no help available. There really are SO many different support services for you and whoever you talk to most definitely cares otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen to work where they are.

Another problem that may be preventing you from getting help is fear. Perhaps the thought of what would happen if someone found out and what if that makes situations worse. Don’t be afraid when seeking help, those you go to are there to keep you safe and support you. All services are confidential, meaning they keep your information safe and private. If you are really scared, talk to someone and organise a plan or solution to make sure you are safe.

Judgement is something everyone at some stage of their life will feel and fear - the thought of what others will have of them. We as humans make most choices taking into considerations what others would think. When seeking help you may fear the thought of people judging you on your struggles and the way you deal with it but what you need to remind yourself is that everyone goes through tough times and we all end up making the wrong choices at least once in our life and other peoples thoughts mean nothing. It is the thoughts you have of yourself and how you can teach your brain to be in a happy headspace.

Seeking help isn’t as bad as you make yourself believe it to be. Don’t let yourself compete against yourself. There are so many positives to finding help, and there are so many different ways of looking for help out there. One example is online where you can call, email, and message, just in case you don’t want anyone knowing or you feel anxious. Don't be afraid there is nothing wrong with some help to get through.

what seeking help can feel like