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headspace Darwin and AFLNT team up again to improve wellbeing

20 Dec 2018
headspace Darwin and AFLNT team up again to improve wellbeing

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The Wellbeing champions program  

The wellbeing champion program between the AFLNT and headspace Darwin launched at the start of last season and is continuing again in season 2019/2020! The Wellbeing champions program set out to select passionate individuals who players can go to in need of support with their wellbeing. Many things happen off the field we need help with and we often are unsure of who we can turn too. With the wellbeing champions in place, we will be able to be the link between players and service providers that can further support you.

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Image: 2018/2019 crop of Wellbeing champions pictured with Mr. Craig O'Halloran



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Struggling away from the footy field?

Things may happen outside of football that affects our participation in the game, whether it be training, playing or volunteering. It's important that when those things stop us from doing the things we love, we seek help. Football is often an outlet for when we are feeling down, we forget our problems and be around mates having a laugh. But if it is becoming hard to be around team mates, hard to get up to train/play or you generally feeling unmotivated, you may be developing a mental health problem. If you feel you need to talk to someone, please have a look on this page. For further more information on things such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief and bullying - check out 

Find a service

There are many services in the Northern Territory that can help you look after your wellbeing.

If you need support around things like:

- Bullying
- Relationship break downs
- Alcohol and other drug usage
- Domestic Violence
- Homelessness
- Emergency relief
- Mental Health problems
- Physical health problems
- Sexual assault
- Gambling

There's always a service that can help. To have a look, go to:

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Don't feel like talking to someone in person? eheadspace could be an option for you.

eheadspace provides online and telephone support and counselling to young people 12 - 25 and their families and friends. If you’re based in Australia and going through a tough time, eheadspace can help:



Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

If you or someone you know is at risk of harming themselves or others please click on for further information.

If you require emergency assistance, please call emergency services on 000.


Supporting friends and family

Helping a friend or family member through a hard time can be really difficult. For further information and tips on how you can better support a loved one, go to


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YouTube Video

Cameron Ilett and Shannon Rioli discuss mental health


Maintaining your mental health is just as important as maintaining your physical health. Like our bodies, our minds need training too! But unlike training your body, it’s not always obvious what you can do to train your mind.

So we asked Nightcliff Tiger Cameron Ilett and Saint Shannon Rioli how they train their minds – what are the little or everyday things they do to reach their potential and live fun and fulfilling lives. Keep doing the stuff you love to do and the things that are important to you. It can help keep the fun in your life, give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose, boost your confidence and help to connect with others.Some of these things, such as listening to music, fishing or playing the guitar, might just be for fun, but other things like work or study give you new skills and might help to give you meaning.