Youth Wellbeing Summit- A recap by Brandon a member of our Youth Reference Group

Youth Wellbeing Summit- A recap by Brandon a member of our Youth Reference Group

On the 10th March 2015, a group of students from Sydney Technical High School launched its first Youth Wellbeing Summit (YWS). The idea came about as a way to introduce the school's Queer Straight Alliance as a part of our school's Safe School Coalition initiatives.  The idea quickly grew to include issues such as mental illness, youth homelessness as well as strengthening connections with the local councils. The day also provided opportunities for community involvement represented by organisations such as the Salvation Army, Vinnies, St George Youth Services and headspace Hurstville. Ultimately, the information, resources and opportunities provided by the attending organisations was to support the general well-being of the students. With the guidance of Head Welfare Teacher, Mr Grinham and Glisten Youth and Family Worker, Joanne, four students, Vice-Captain Chenny, Patrick, Jesse and myself set about contacting organisations and coordinating the day.

Overall, the day was an immense success and will hopefully become a yearly tradition. The YWS team, hope that this initiative will be adopted by other schools, as it is a great way to increase discussion on topics like mental health, sexuality and gender identity. In addition, the event provided a platform for students to gain personal insights on what these organisations do and how to access their services.    

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