Meet our Yackety YACs aka Youth Access Clinicians

YAC Team

Meet our YACs (Youth Access Clinicians)

This month we thought we should let everyone meet some of our lovely team and share a little bit of information about them and why they do what they do…….work with young people.


Your favourite colour? My favourite colour is constantly changing. I previously have loved red, purple, pink and aquamarine.

What do you do to improve your mental health? I like to talk with my partner, spend time with my friends, play with my sausage dog (Basil), watch numerous movies/TV shows and read. I also really cherish alone time - it helps me find my own voice and discover what I want.

Why do you like working at headspace Hurstville? I love working with young people! Young people are interesting, insightful and have a little bit of attitude (which I love). It's the perfect time in the lifespan to reach for some support. My colleagues also make my work super-enjoyable. They are genuine, caring individuals who also know how to have a good laugh.


Your favourite colour? Purple

What do you do to improve your mental health? Spend time with family and friends, relax (sit in the sun, listen to music, watch my favourite TV shows), increase activities in the day (exercise, go to the beach, swim, read, get a massage, go for a drive), talk to someone if I'm struggling or need some advice/help, laugh (a lot!) and travel (even if it's somewhere close).

Why do you like working at headspace Hurstville? Not only is my team lovely and amazing at what they do, headspace Hurstville is youth focused to helped young people achieve their individual goals. I like that it provides a safe, non-judgmental and friendly environment in which young people can develop new skills in managing their current difficulties, while building on their existing strengths. I also like that headspace Hurstville allows me to express my passion is helping young people through their journey in life. The greatest reward is being part of this journey and seeing young people achieve their goals and get through challenges on their own. headspace Hurstville supports and encourages this to happen. Plus not every workplace celebrates "Hawaiian Friday's"!!


My favourite colour is?  Blue (Typical boy)

What do you do to improve your mental health? I like to exercise to let off steam when I'm feeling stressed. Surfing is great because it gives me some time to think and helps put everything in perspective. Sometimes I like to talk to my friends about things and other times I like alone time. Riding my motorbike is great for that because there are no distractions inside a motorbike helmet, it's a place for me to meditate.

Why do you like working at headspace Hurstville? I like working at headspace Hurstville because young people are awesome. My role lets me meet energetic, insightful, and creative young people on a daily basis. The young people we see are often going through difficult times in their lives and the headspace team are passionate about assisting these young people to overcome whatever they are going through. It's a great feeling to go to work every day knowing that I am part of a team who is committed to making a difference.