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As parents and carers, you play a significant role in the mental health and wellbeing of your young person, and we understand how challenging this can be. This is why headspace National and headspace Sunshine have joined forces again in hoped of supporting you on this journey.

Communicating and Connecting with your Young Person

As parents and carers you play a crucial role in supporting your young person and their mental health and wellbeing, but maintaining that connection is not always easy.

Date: October 12th, Tuesday at 7PM
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  • Build your knowledge on mental health literacy
  • Gain a better perspective of the challenges facing young people today
  • Learn skills to start the conversation about mental health with your young person
  • Learn the skills and understanding to continue these meaningful conversations
  • Help guide and support your young person to the most appropriate help and support

 Accessing Mental Health Services

As parents and carers wanting to help and support young people and their mental health and wellbeing, it can often feel overwhelming. Whilst there may be many supports and resources out there, knowing the right ones to access, when and how to do access them can certainly be confusing and leave you wondering where to turn.

Date: October 21st, Thursday at 7PM
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  • A comprehensive look at the supports and help available including:
    • Local supports
    • Professional supports
    • Allied health
    • Digital platforms and apps
    • Self guided supports to help you create a pathway forward for your young person.