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Are you interested in Youth Advocacy?

27 Nov 2020
Are you aged 16 - 25 and passionate about making a positive impact in youth mental health around our local community? headspace Sunshine wants you to join our Youth Advocacy Group!


The Youth Advocacy Group are a group of young volunteers who work together to promote mental health literacy and awareness through developing resources, events and presentations for the community. Do you have ideas and skills that you want to share in our fight to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with mental, social and other general health issues affecting young people? Do you want your voice to be heard? headspace Sunshine is here for it!

Some of the projects and events that the YAG have been involved in include:

  • Co-designing and co-facilitation of school workshops and presentations, including a "Re-defining Success" presentation for year 12s, to explore the many meanings of success (beyond the ATAR score), share their own journeys of 'success' and workshop study tips. Other workshops include topics like building resilience, self-care, reducing screen time and grade 6-7 transition!
  • The writing of the Let's Talk Resource - which explores how to talk to family about mental health when there is a language and inter-generational gap
  • Leading a peer-scoping project on the intersection of LGBTIQA+ and CALD identities, interviewing community members about their experiences accessing mental health services and writing a report on recommendations and findings. Read more about the Rainbow Bridges Project here!
  • Community campaigns for Harmony day, Youth Week, RUOK day, IDAHOBIT day, Wear it Purple day, International Mother Language day, Mental health week and much more
  • Midsumma Carnival and Pride March

If you're interested in contributing to our projects or have something you're passionate about that you'd like to see in the community, join the Youth Advocacy Group! You'll be working alongside other like-minded young people to inspire others in the community. Of course, we don't expect you to be an expert or a super public speaker - we'll provide training and discuss your goals with you so that you're in a role that you feel confident and empowered to be in. 

Have questions? Worried about the application process? Just want to have a chat about the YAG? Please contact our Community Awareness Officer, Winn at - she's happy to answer any questions and keep you in the loop!

Otherwise, apply to be part of the YAG here - Applications close 5PM, December 9th 2021!