Mental health statistics and reports Australia

Young Australians: their health and wellbeing 2011 AIHW



The Mental Health of Australians 2: Report on the 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing. Department of Health and Ageing (2009).

 Provides an overview of mental disorders in Australia (page 5-10), service use (page 11-17), and a breakdown of affective, anxiety and substance use disorders and comorbidity prevalence (page 19-46).


This data is also available as an At A Glance summary.of Mental Health and Wellbeing:

National Survey of Young Australians 2010 Mission Australia (2010)

Provide statistics on a number of topics, including issues that are of personal concern and where young people go for advise and support to young non indigenous (page 10-13; 13-15) and indigenous Australians (page 24-25; 26) respectively. The document then breaks each of these statistics into state and territory sections.

Australia's Health 2010: The twelfth biennial health report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare AIHW (2010).

Includes information on psychological distress, prevalence of disorders, psychiatric disability and mortality rates related to substance use and mental disorder (page 165-172).


2008 Australian Social Trends: Using statistics to paint a picture of Australian society ABS (2011).

Information on psychological distress, mental disorders and suicide, compares those living in major cities to those living outside major cities (page 15-18).


Making Progress: The health, development and wellbeing of Australia's children & young people AIHW (2008).  Provides information on mental disorder prevalence, hospitalisation, self-harm, obesity and substance use rates (page 29-36).


Mental health services in Australia 2007-08 AIHW (2010).

Provides information and data on prevalence rates, types of services provided for mental health and service access rates.