group chats led by professionals or clinicians

Whether you are a young person or an adult supporting a young person, our Professional-led chats will give you regular informative sessions on current topics faced in our communities. Group, text based, online chats hosted by trained mental health clinicians and vocational specialists. Chats cover a range of helpful topics that can help to answer questions you may have.

Join a chat

A Professional-led Group Chat session is your opportunity to speak anonymously online to our mental health professionals, vocational specialists, guest experts and hear from others about a topic that will be discussed.

Anyone can view a live Professional Chat  or transcript. In order to participate, you will need to create or log into your headspace account file. This requires an email address and password, and you can set up your username and profile picture if you wish. Your Group Chat profile will automatically save any chats you’ve participated in to your account so you can find them easily, and you can control how you appear in the transcript by turning your username on or off.

If you want to participate in a Professional-led Group Chat but wish to remain anonymous, you can select this option once you’ve logged in. Once you’re logged in you can share images and videos if you think they will be helpful for the chat or the people you’re chatting with.

Previous group chat transcripts

Our professionals have hosted many different chats covering a huge variety of topics. You can view the transcripts from these chat sessions anytime.

For young people  

For family and friends

“A fantastic chat and such a great medium. The group was empathetic, knowledgeable and full of great advice.

- Jody


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