Family & Friends Welcome Pack



Thank you for taking the often difficult step to support the mental health and wellbeing of your friend, family member or young person in your life.  We want to provide you with a little more information to help you understand what headspace Upper Coomera is all about and the services we provide. Click here to read more :)

You can also find more information on the website

Here are a few points when someone in your family or friendship group is experiencing a mental health challenge:

• Keep communication open, show empathy and don’t rush into judgements
• Be available without being intrusive or ‘pushy’
• Spend time with the person. Take an interest in their activities and encourage them to talk about what’s happening in their life
• Take the person’s feelings seriously
• Encourage and support positive friendships
• Encourage activities that promote mental health, such as exercise, healthy eating, regular sleep, and doing things the
person enjoys
• Give positive feedback
• Let the person know that you love them. They may not always admit it, but this is likely to be very important
to them.