Happy Being Me Group starting soon!

The Happy Being Me program is an interactive group program designed for young people who are experiencing body dissatisfaction, or who are worried about those around them experiencing body dissatisfaction. 

Session 1 – identifying appearance ideals and the negative consequences of trying to achieve these.

Session 2 – identifying body shaming talk, the purpose it serves, the problems it can cause, and how to tackle it.

Session 3 – media literacy, learning about the tricks the media uses on the images they present, and what can happen when we try and look like these fake images.

Session 4 – identifying appearance comparisons, how we feel when we do this, and what else we can do that is healthier.

Session 5 – mindful eating (everyone loves this one because they get chocolate)!

Session 6 – review of previous 5 sessions. Participants receive a certificate at the end.

Call us on 8338 0919 to find out more!

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