headspace work and study service

Are you unsure about what’s next, don’t know where to start with looking for a job or how to work out what you might want to study? headspace Work and Study is here to help.

Our service is tailored to your needs and can support you in developing the skills and confidence to reach your work or study goals.

It’s all online - we use webchat, video, email, or phone – so you don’t need to travel and it’s totally free!


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We can help you with:

  • job search skills and job applications
  • resume and cover letter preparation
  • career planning
  • study and enrolment support
  • support transitioning from school to work or further study
  • navigating Centrelink or other government support options
  • balancing your mental health and wellbeing with work or study.




“The staff member I worked with was very supportive, non-judgemental, knowledgeable, and just went the extra mile to make sure I succeeded.” - young person



Research has shown that working can help reduce mental health symptoms. Not only can working help to improve your wellbeing and give you a sense of purpose, it can also provide you with structure and routine in your day-to-day life. A job could also provide you with opportunities to socialise with your colleagues, expand your communication skills and provide you with financial security.


“It gave me the confidence to get out there and find a job. I now work in a place that I love and my life has improved a lot since [using the] Work and Study Service.” - young person 




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